Daniella’s patience, organization and structured approach has helped me with training two babies to date! She understands your needs and helps support you throughout the entire training process. Her encouragement is unparalleled and I recommend her to those who are willing to commit to the rules!

“@thebabyconcierge was an amazing support to me when we were trying to get my baby on a schedule. We used 12 hours by 12 weeks for all my kids, but I developed amnesia and felt like a first time mom when it came to my baby. @thebabyconcierge answered all my question, no matter how small, and made me feel like she was as invested as I was. She even followed up to find out how the nights were going. I am so grateful for all her help along the way!”

About 6 weeks ago I contacted @thebabyconcierge to help me figure out my sons eating and sleeping patterns so we can work out some sort of schedule for the day. Every day seemed different! Some days he napped for 2 hours at a time and other days he would nap for 10 minute cat naps 4/5 times a day… also, nothing seemed to keep him full! He would down 4 oz and then cry for more and feeding times ended up being over an hour- I needed to find some sort of regularity and schedule to follow. 
The @babyconcierge help me with just that! She recommended to increase the oz given at each day feeding so he was getting to the 4 hour stretches and was more full during the day hours. After we started this, he completely slept through one of the night feedings right from the start. As we slowly kept increasing oz during the day, we also decreased the oz by .5 for the second night feeding. We went from 4.5 oz to 0 oz in a span of 4 weeks. After he started eating max oz during the day we realized the night wake ups were just out of habit not hunger, so with some will power and a lot of support- the last night feeding was eliminated! I finally got him to sleep through the night! 12 hours by 11 weeks! Once his nights were complete, his naps also improved! All thanks to @thebabyconcierge for answering all my feeding/sleeping questions for my little one and helping me get my nights back!

“Daniella is absolutely amazing. I was having a lot of difficulty putting my son to sleep at night and I was literally pulling my hair out. He would cry on and off from 7 pm- 10 pm, on a good night, until he eventually passed out sometimes not until 1 am! Daniella was so amazing and supportive. She was so patient and let me email her sometimes 10 times a day. Her advice was so helpful and she really helped guide me to 1- get my baby on a day schedule 2- teach my baby to learn how to put himself to sleep and 3- learn to take solid day naps.I am so grateful for all her time, patience and understanding.”

“The Baby Concierge has been an amazing resource for me, a Mom of 2 young kids. The Baby Concierge responds to questions quickly and provides sound and practical advice. Her blog posts are relatable, entertaining and very informative! The Baby Concierge is my one stop baby information shop, and the reason I have been able to sleep for the past year!”

“I’m writing this as we are still working on helping my daughter develop her sleep habits and while we’re still getting there, Daniella continues to provide constant reassurance and instills confidence in my abilities as a new mother. I’ve realized that I need to believe my daughter can do this before I begin this process, which is an extremely difficult thing for a first time mom to do, but Daniella helped me develop that belief. Her patience with my own anxieties, listening to my nightly recaps, providing suggestions, and frequently checking in have been extremely helpful. More importantly, she always took my personal feelings and living situation into account when suggesting ideas and problem solving with me, which I greatly appreciated. While this is a challenging process, Daniella makes it feel manageable and worth it. I can’t thank her enough!”

“Hi Daniella,
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing tips and tricks you gave to me on sleep training my son, and dealing with my daughter and her feelings on her new baby brother. There is a massive improve in her behaviour, and she is definitely more comfortable and happy with the baby. I finally feel normal again now that my son sleeps through most of the night! Really can’t thank you enough, and you should be able to continue to make a difference in the lives of many new mothers.”
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