The Baby Concierge is teaming up with Parenting Experts Georgine and Marty Nash to address the parenting needs of this generation. I am extremely humbled for this opportunity to collaborate with experts in their field on some exciting projects.

Georgine and Martin Nash have been involved in parent education close to 50 years. Martin Nash, M.D., was in family practice for nineteen years and then specialized in Psycotheraphy and Family Counseling using Alfred Adler’s psychology. He has run a succsesful practice for thirty years, helping transform relationships for thousands of individuals. Martin and his wife, Georgine, were instrumental in bringing parent education to Toronto. Martin has conducted presentations and training for professionals throughout North America. In 2014, he co-authored the Parenting book, Raising Great Parents, How to Become the Parent Your Child Needs You to Be.

Georgine’s formal education was in chemistry, which did not prepare her for parenthood! She was in charge of setting up parenting classes in Toronto for several years, teaching in schools and private groups. She also ran a parenting group on cable TV for a number of sessions. Now both Georgine and Marty work mostly with couples as well as individual parents.

We know this generation of parents has their own set of unique parenting questions and concerns and we would love to address those needs. We are working on an exciting project and we need your help!

Please e-mail with parenting questions and concerns that our generation faces 

If it is not too much to ask for 2 requests in 1 post, I would also really appreciate if I have worked with you and helped you (with sleep training) if you can message or e-mail me as I have a personal request, Thank You!!